Tenovos Presents:

3 Must-Have Capabilities in a Modern, Data-First DAM

Manage, move, and measure your content with a DAM that helps you:

  • Curate, Control, and Facilitate the Optimization of Stories
  • Connect Rights Management Details to Content Performance
  • Track Digital Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle
The Data-First Approach

What is a

Data-First DAM?

The digital asset is just the beginning. The ability to augment assets with intelligence creates a 360° data view of content that empowers marketers to tell stories that matter.

Story Lifecycle and Data Analysis

Make Sure You Get The Whole Picture

From classic metadata all the way to content performance, your assets are producing data from the moment the lifecycle begins.

A modern DAM should capture that data, make it readily available alongside the asset, and even turn it into valuable insights with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Know Your Rights

Connect Value with Performance Using
Story Rights

Meet Story Rights, the game-changing rights management
capability within Tenovos that unlocks insights into how assets are used and how well they perform.

Lack of visibility into the usage rights of digital assets can result in money wasted on duplicate assets at best, and costly rights violations at worst. Eliminate risk with a tool that keeps rights details at your team’s fingertips.

Know Your Rights

What Rights Details Should You Track?

  • Creators and Talent
  • Approved Usage Regions
  • Channels and Projects
  • Schedules and Timelines
  • Cost of Creation, Licensing, and Renewal
  • Actual Usage and Performance Data
Share Smarter

Share with Control Using

Curated Story Boards

Meet Story Boards, a prescriptive user experience with easy security templates that gives external users access to everything they need — and nothing they don’t. Easily create and share personalized portals with agencies, sales teams, clients, or any partner who needs the right asset, right now.

You’ve invested a lot in crafting your brand’s image — from photography to logos to product tear sheets and more. Don’t let confusing folders and broken links prevent those valuable assets from reaching the audience they were created for.

Share Smarter

What Can You Do
with Story Boards?

  • Get The Right Assets to The Right People
  • Exert Control via Private or Shared Settings
  • Organize by Purpose, Project, or Other Metadata
  • Save Time with Easy Project Management
  • Track and Control Asset Usage by Partners
  • Collaborate Remotely with Ease
  • Quickly Optimize Content Based on Performance



Connect the Dots

Track The Asset Lifecycle

with Story Link

The new Story Rights and Story Boards extensions integrate with our popular Story Link capability that tracks assets across their lifecycle.

This desktop application and plugin integrates with creative applications and allows users to easily drop optimized content housed in our modern DAM into creative workflows. Once the asset is approved and ready to go live, Story Link can follow it across platforms including CMS, collecting insights along the way.

Connect the Dots

What Can Story Link
Do For You?

  • Integrate with AEM, Creative Cloud, Desktop, Akamai, etc.
  • Infuse an Asset’s DNA into Your CMS Platform
  • Support Omni-Channel Experiences

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Why Tenovos

DAM Can Help (or Hinder) our Ability to Tell Stories

The way brands create, share, organize, govern, and deliver digital assets impacts their ability to tell stories that resonate with the right audiences.

As the demand for new content grows, marketers must manage, move, and measure brand assets in a way that returns crucial insights along the way to help them understand — and maximize — the value of the content they create, and the stories they can ultimately tell.

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